Payment symbol behind appointment

If we forget to invoice someone, there is no way of finding out. There is no report showing appointments without invoice. I thought, maybe it’s possible to add a payment symbol in the appointments overview. Because right now, if I want to check if all appointments got billed, I have to compare appointments with the invoice list and check every appointment individually. A symbol would make life much easier to check if everything is paid for. Thanks!

Hey Nienke,

I have a couple of solutions for this one! On the Appointments tab, each appointment that has a related Invoice has a symbol on the box. This can be used to see what’s been invoiced at a glance. You can learn about what the symbols on the appointment box mean here:

Alternatively, you can use the Appointments Data Export for some mass auditing! Once you complete an Appointments export, over in Settings->Data Exports, we’ll provide you with a spreadsheet full of appointments details including the related “Invoice Number”. You will then be able to sort and manipulate your sheet to get the data you need!

If you have any more questions about these processes, just let us know via the Help->Chat With Us option within your Cliniko account!