Payment Summary Vs Practice Revenue

I have to ask; because I want to be sure about my accounts.

Which is more accurate or more so; what’s the difference?

I make payment summary reports monthly; from First day of Month to the Last day of month and they show a big difference toward the practice revenue that is graphed in the reports section (by at least 10% difference!)

I’d like to know which one is. more accurate what the difference is between these two. More so in regard to “how much money did we make”


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Also see This community discussion as it may relate to your question.

I don’t think it really did.

So - because now my projections are off for the month and after reading the thread it seems like we have to make our own spreadsheet or start doing daily reports to add up to a month; and that doing the monthly reports isn’t accurate at all.

So… is there a monthly report that I can generate that is 100% accurate on profits/money coming in?

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