Payment processing - apply to multiple patients from one payment


The ability when entering payments to be able to allocate 1 payment received to be spread across more than 1 different patient would be a beneficial feature (assuming this did correctly sync with Xero)

Currently payments from 3rd parties such as return to work, NDIS, etc will pay 1 sum that covers sessions for many different patients.

Currently it is needed to do a seperate payment for each patient on that invoice, each time having to make sure the correct date is selected and also making it easy to potentially miss a payment on that remittance (manually having to mark this off or check after processing).

The ability to select 1 payment total and date and spread that across more than 1 patient would reduce time and potential error.



Yes I would love a way to be able to process invoices and payments of families much more efficiently and faster than what it currently is.

At the moment we have to open each patients individually and generate individual invoices and payments which takes AGES! It would be great if there was a way to generate one invoice for multiple people in a family so it would only have to be done once.


Hi I agree too, I get lists of payments from insurance companies and this option would save so much time.

Also a comments section on each invoice so you know if you have chased the patient or if there are any issues why it has not been paid