Pay in advance - becoming more relevant in the age of pandemics

Hi there. With the escalating Corona virus threat, I can easily envisage some clients wanting to have therapy over Skype. While it isn’t a preference, from a business continuity perspective it may become very relevant. To support this; at booking time I would want the client would choose a Skype appointment type and have this linked to enforcing prepayment.
Of course, the missing piece is that Cliniko does not support this.

Am I alone with this need?

Cliniko please advise when prepayment support will be released.


@PetaB you are not alone. I have been asking for CC prepay integration with online bookings for a while now.

Hopefully soon??

I’m Looking arc trying to negotiate with TM3 as they offer this

I use square. I’ve set up a load of square invoices for the upcoming sessions which will go to clients the day before their session and asking people to pay in advance. Not ideal, but means people don’t have to touch my phone and also it covers those who are having virtual sessions.

I literally logged on thinking to myself I wanted to write a post on cliniko saying exactly what you’ve just said.

In the UK we are on the verge of possibly having to shut down non essential businesses, I’m not sure if private physiotherapy will have to shut or not, but we are planning our options should we have to close the clinic for 4-12 weeks.

Skype style assessments and education/ advice is my back up option but this will probably be unsuccessful and very difficult to process if prepayment via cliniko hasn’t been integrated.

I would absolutely urge cliniko to make payment online a priority over the next month.

I know it’s been something that they’ve been working on since at least September 2019 but I think it needs to be bumped up the list in light of coronavirus and possibility of having to shut down clinics.

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Agreed, this would help people remember that there is a cost associated with a meeting, even if it is a teleconference.

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It would be handy to have pre payment options in Cliniko for exercise classes and even Physio sessions. It would reduce admin time. I think Medipass is working on it.

This will be very handy… ! Especially if can make Package Systems.