Patients that are deceased


Not a very nice subject but…I’m just wondering how everyone deals with patient records once you have been told they are deceased? We have been archiving them in Cliniko and adding a note but I was wondering if there is a better way to deal with the record so it is easy to see so we don’t try to ring them?


i was wondering the same and wondered if there was an archive facility rather than a delete- after all we have to keep medical records for many years.


There is an archive facility - top right hand side when you are looking at patient details. This is how we currently deal with deceased patients. In doing this their name appears grey instead of pink when they show up in a search of patients.


If you wanted to keep them open you could always turn off all communications for them so their family doesn’t continue to receive communications and then add a Medical Alert (Top left under patient name) in capitals. “PATIENT DECEASED 01.01.2018”
This shows up on the patients file is bold red lettering - not hard to miss.