Patients can now book appointments in their local time zone!

UPDATE: A day after releasing this feature, we’ve changed it so that it’s optional, which should help if your clinic doesn’t service patients outside your local time zone. You can learn more here.

When making an online booking, your patients can now easily book in their local time zone! :tada::alarm_clock:

The online bookings page will automatically detect and offer appointments in their local time zone. Patients will still be able to change the time zone if they need to. This goes hand-in-hand with the recent change we released to how time zones are recorded within Cliniko, and how communications are sent out based on the patient’s time zone.

There’s nothing you need to do to set this up! However, if you currently have any custom text anywhere that mentions the lack of time zone support,such as in your confirmation emails or in the “time selection info” field of your online bookings settings, you’ll probably want to remove that, as it will no longer be needed!

Here’s how it will look for your patients when booking an appointment. In this example, the patient is in Sydney:

As you can see, the patient can adjust the time zone if needed, and once they confirm the booking, their confirmation email will include their time zone (just be sure that you are using the time zone placeholders!).

How will this affect the patient’s time zone in Cliniko?

Any new patients who are booking for the first time will automatically have their time zone recorded in their patient details page. Any existing patients who are set to the “account time zone” will be updated to reflect their local time zone.

What do I need to do?

Just be sure to remove any custom text that mentions time zones from your confirmation emails, time selection info, or anywhere else it might be hiding, as they will no longer be needed! Also, if you expect to service patients outside of your local time zone, be sure to add the time zone placeholders to your communications.

As always, if you have any questions, our support team will be happy to help out!

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This change has today resulted in multiple clients receiving appointment confirmations at the wrong time. This caused chaos for us and some unhappy clients. For some reason the software has allocated a time zone that is incorrect. Some have changed to Sydney time and others to Adelaide even though we are in Perth and WA has a closed border! Hopefully this is not an ongoing issue and has been rectified.

Can this feature be switched off? I see little value for this feature.

Could the time be better spent creating some better management reports which is really lacking in Cliniko and I would think is of more value for practice owners?

Hi @Smartbody, we’ve changed things around so that this is now optional—you can disable it if you go into your online bookings settings. We’ve written more about the change here.

Hopefully this helps—if you had any other questions at this time, please let us know!


This is a very helpful feature for me. Thank you!

But I’ve just noticed that if I’ve clicked through to a future month on the calendar to choose an appointment, and then I change the time zone, it reverts back to this month’s calendar. Can that be looked at?

One other question, when you have the placeholders in your email reminders:

{{Appointment.Date}} at {{Appointment.StartTimeWithZone}}

Does it come up with the right date, if for example, someone from the US has booked and they are day behind so our Fri appointment happens on their Thurs - so the date is different - not just the time?

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I am a bit confused - you seem to be able to change the time zone of the praticioner in online booking - as well as the patient who is booking - surely the patient should not be able to change the practioner’s time zone?

Good information thanks for sharing