Patient time zones for online bookings are now optional

Yesterday, we released a change that allowed patients to book appointments online in their local time zone. This was to make things easier for those of you who service patients outside of your local time zone.

Some businesses have let us know they’d rather not have this for their online bookings, as it was not relevant for them. We’ve just released a follow up change to let you turn off this new feature if you don’t need it. If you go into your online bookings settings, you’ll see the ability to turn patient time zone selection off:

If you are keeping the ability for patients to choose their own time zone, we highly recommend you update your communication placeholders to include time zone information, it’s quick and you could do that right now! This guide will walk you through the steps.

Moving forward, we’ll be making a few more improvements that should be helpful with time zones in your online bookings. We’re almost ready to launch an improvement to the way that time zone detection occurs (meaning, how the online bookings page figures out where each patient is based).

Also, if someone is booking from a time zone different to your clinic, there will be a message to make sure that’s what they wanted. These changes will only affect those that keep the time zone selection feature turned on!

We’ll keep you posted on those upcoming changes, and as always, please let us know if you have questions on any of this!

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