Patient thumbnail photo shown on Appointment card

It would be great if a thumbnail of the patient’s photo can be attached to the patient’s appointment on the booking calendar page so when you click and open the appointment the photo is there. Front desk staff don’t always remember patients that have been absent from the clinic for a long period. It would also help any newly hired front desk staff get familiar with the patients.


Totally agree. A picture is as good as a thousand words.

@chiro25 Sorry, not a Cliniko-related question but I’m intrigued about how you manage taking patient’s photos. Do you get any push back when you ask the patient? Thanks, Claire

Hi Claire, Using finger ink on an iPad, I created a short form to have patient’s check and update their details. The Cliniko data we currently have is prepopulated on the form. Finger ink has an option for a ‘Selfie’ which can be required before they can move to the next screen. I plan to use the ‘Selfie’ when I create my case history intake forms. It’s a work in progress!