Patient Label Filtering (e.g. DVA/NDIS/Residential Care)

Would it be possible to apply customisable labels to patients that would help administrators (or clinicians) to filter patients?

At our clinic we see patients who are NDIS participants, have DVA funding, are rooms-based patients, are residential care patients, have CDM plans, etc. It would be great to be able to do a quick search on the Clients page and see, for example “all NDIS” or “all DVA” patients. (This would be useful in terms of reporting as well, to see where are patient demographic lies.)


Hi, I found a way around this for myself and thought I would share (until an update is available). In the client details, I use a code (that can be searched for later) in the reference section. I only see NDIS clients, however for the purposes of my auditing only relating to Agency Managed participants, I use the code “NDIS Agency Managed” and then can search that code (or part of it) to find the client cohort I’m after.

Hope this is helpful :slight_smile:

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Hi Chantelle,

That’s such a smart workaround! Would be great to have a filter function, but this will definitely work in the meantime.

Thanks so much!

Any response from Cliniko on whether client tagging is in the works?

We have multiple types of patients that have different patient journeys and require a way to segment them and filter them based on their journey. The reference number workaround is helpful, but doesn’t totally solve the problem as there’s no way see the tag value without opening each patient record.