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Cliniq Apps empowers you to automate and optimise your patient relations. We know providers want meaningful patient relationships that not only impact loyalty, but also outcomes. We also understand that demands on physicians and administrative staff rarely allow for the patient interaction that both sides want.

That’s why we created the industry’s leading patient relationship management platform, fully integrated with Cliniko. It all started with customised mobile apps for clinics. Now, after working with more than 4000+ health care professionals in numerous specialties, we empower providers with the tools they need to maximize patient relationships and foster loyalty.

Together, we can help you nurture loyal and engaged patients. Experience what happens when you can spend your time where it matters most.

Cliniq Apps offers a comprehensive package of services to help your practice succeed.

:point_right: Total Patient Relations Automation: A flexible platform that empowers you to communicate with your patients at each step of their journey: Starting before their first appointment, all the way through their treatment plan and after they leave your practice. Easily create patient groups based on your clinic’s protocols and communicate with your patients through all available communication channels: SMS, Email, Letter and Push Notification.
Some sample automatic communications are: Welcome emails, Birthday messages, automatic Re-call, automatic follow-up, cancellation re-booker, DNA re-booker and any other personalised communication you need to have with your patients.

:point_right: KPI Dashboard: Our state-of-the-art practice dashboard makes all your KPIs available for you with a click of a mouse. It helps you to track your patient retention, acquisition, cancellation, DNA and other KPIs. You can now let go of those confusing spreadsheets :wink:

:point_right: Patient Satisfaction Tracker: Our experience with millions of patients shows the higher the patient satisfaction the higher their number of visits and their loyalty. We give you all the tools you need to track your patient satisfaction and act automatically based on its results.

:point_right: Mobile App: A free customised mobile app for your practice that makes mobile booking and push notification communication possible. Patients can see their appointment history as well as their upcoming appointments. One click to call and one click to get directions to your clinic.

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Enjoy growing your practice!

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