Patient Info/Alarms


Would love to see some extra fields for adding in patient info -

  • it has been mentioned previously about a preferred name field
  • a link to the contacts list in the ‘invoice to’ box so as to add a third party insurer directly from the patient info screen (currently we open contacts as a new link and copy and paste)
  • a box specifically for claim no/file no with the current ‘invoice extra information’ box below this - our staff seem to glaze over the big box and don’t put claim no’s here.
  • would also love a treatment alarms option somehow and somewhere to track approved treatments and class numbers and a place to put patient warnings that show when searching for a client upon booking to warn admin staff - ie don’t book with female therapist or don’t book in advance (chronic no shows)

Managing EPCs via Cliniko

Patient Tags (to show in Appointments View) or something of the like for a recurring patient alert / alarm would be extremely useful and have multiple application! Thumbs up definitely to Taryn’s 4th dot point.

Medical Alert Button

I agree somewhere to track approved appointments would be fantastic


I definitely agree that a method to track a number of approved treatments would be great. I also think separate to this a way to make an alarm pop up against a patient - ie "always needs a double length treatment " or even “left behind glasses on last visit - stored behind reception” Just the ability to add an alert that isn’t directly linked to an appointment booking, as sometimes there isn’t an appointment to make the note on, and staff don’t always check the “Notes” section on a patient.


I work at a Physiotherapist and we would love a alarm pop up box that, does just that, pops upon the screen as you type in the patients name, in that box you can put whatever notation you need i.e: CDM patient or outstanding monies to collect before apt, x-rays to collect today etc. The possibilities are endless. It doesn’t have to be a whopping big box. Just the same size as this one we type in here would suffice. Please look into this, this would make life so much easier with having multiple staff accessing records daily. Cheers.


I’m finding I need this feature big time! An option for notes or alerts such as “client has used 7 out of 10 pre purchased classes” or something similar.


Yes we definitely need to have an “approved treatment no.” tracking alert for when patients have had approved work cover/third party treatments or where they are on their 5 CDM treatments plan.

Also being able to create a new episode for a patient - Eg. Initial episode Lsp, this episode is Csp and being able to assign appointments to that episode.
Cliniko could learn a lot from PPMP! ; ) without these features, a lot of physio practices are shying away from cliniko.


See Process or Product for managing multiple authorised patient visits (e.g. EPC, MHCP) about tracking appointments on a treatment plan etc.