Patient Forms with the Finger-Ink iPad App - Tip of the Week


Looking to speed up your form process within Cliniko​:stopwatch:? While you can scan :woman_technologist:, take a photo :camera_flash:, or upload your completed forms :page_facing_up:, you can also use @Finger-Ink’s iPad app :raised_hands:!

In this Tip of the Week :bulb:, I’ll be showing a demo of Finger-Ink. Including how to create custom forms and how everything works seamlessly with Cliniko.

We have no affiliation with Finger-Ink but can’t resist showing you how their integration adds to the possibilities of paperless forms.

If you like what you see, to get started with a free 7-day trial, head to


What is Cliniko Stopwatch?


I personally haven’t heard of Cliniko Stopwatch. Could you chat with us or send us an email at with a link to Cliniko Stopwatch?