Patient Forms - Automatic update on details

It would be a massive help and a time saver if the patient forms would automatically link and update the attention details on their file when completed. At the minute i have a receptionist who has to re type all the details into the patient details section from the form. Seems reasonable to expect it to do it automatically?

Also if you could select on patient forms wether the details are required or not so people can’t skip certain sections. Again it seems like something reasonable and easy to do


I have had a couple of patients say this, the auto populate into the patients details is a must. It would mean that the form link that is sent out would have to have the same structure as the patient details section but would save the clinic to transfer over, save the patient to have to fill in some of the same data that have already given us, either at the time of booking over the phone or in the case of an online booking, possibly on the same day.!

I stand to be corrected but this needs to be a high priority and may be a very easy work around according to software developers I have talked too.


I think so, either by having the forms the same as the client details section. Or in an ideal world have a customisable patient details section! That would be the dream!!


We also would love this to be a feature.
At present we have to manually transfer the New Patient form details over onto the patient’s details.
So doesn’t make life any easier for us at the moment apart from we’re using less paper.


We also agree with above. We integrate with a third party who can auto populate the information in the forms so its quite frustrating that Cliniko can’t populate to their own.

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This feature would be great!

That facility would be a great time saver!

I’m quite surprised this hasn’t been developed already

This! Really annoying and means I don’t really use the client’s details section.

I totally agree. I use the forms as consent forms in my practice but new patient details need to be input manually is a pain. Im using finger -ink but hate that i have to pay extra (a lot extra) for the auto0fill function. annoying!

I think Cliniko adding patient forms is a bonus itself. Cliniko subscription is really affordable compared to other practice management software that is out there.
Also the 3rd party companies have spent money on integrating/designing their software to suit Cliniko; if Cliniko goes and adds those functions themselves the 3rd party partners are going to stop working with Cliniko and then us as the users will be the ones to suffer.

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I agree with Jason. Also, when we are transferring over from the patient form to the patient details, I am finding errors that patients have made and am able to get clarification from the patient before they come in for their first visit.

Patients details has a standard layout. Why can’t all the fields like on the online booking and the extra fields that are on the patient details page be apit together and then a link able to be sent out to patients (instead of having to send a patient form) in the similar structure to when patients book in online. It could match the patient details section and all that info would autopopulate and go straight into thier file and be ready at their appointment!