Patient Form Report

It would be really helpful to have a Patient Form report which my receptionists have access to. This report can be added in the Reports screen like the others that they can see, e.g. Recalls.

Ideally this report can be filtered to show Patient Forms that:

  • have not been completed so we know to chase patients
  • have been completed (so reception can enter the details into the Patient Profile)
  • search by business / practitioner / form

Currently only administrators can access this information via downloading the information which is extra work that is not necessary. I would rather it be accessible as a report than allow my receptionists to see everything on Cliniko.


Agreed! This would really help save time from clicking on individual appointments for review/flagging/calling.

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Have you checked out As a Cliniko integration it can display this type of data in real-time without giving access to the raw data in Cliniko.