Patient File Exports

Hi guys,

This feature seems basic enough to create as you already have data export features. Being able to select an individual patient and export their whole file so that it can be imported to another cliniko location or practice. This feature is included in all major medical PMS (like Best Practice, Gensolve, Medical Director, PPMP, etc.) and is fascinating that it isn’t already available on cliniko.

Considering we can’t have multiple integrations with accounting software on one instance of Cliniko, we cannot use your “multiple business location” feature, as we cannot effectively account and reconcile location-based transactions/payments.

So we have multiple cliniko subscriptions for our locations, and they each have their own accounting software. But if our patients move from location to location, we need to be able to import and utilise their patient file (it should be sticky to the patient, not the location).

There is no ability to do this. The export of patient history is a .zip with HTML files. Your import tool is for .csv. Clint is aware this feature is missing.

Could we please have this implemented, as soon as possible.