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We are currently with PPMP and are looking to move over to Cliniko. One of the issues we have found in the inability to create different ‘Episodes of care’ for patients. Meaning the patient can come under WorkCover and that Episode is selected which tells us they are approved and how many visits they are approved for and how many visits are remaining. That patient may also be seen in the clinic under another episode that isn’t WorkCover for instance another injury but as a private patient. All the billing for each episode is separate and easily identifiable to staff.

Interested to know how other Cliniko users are getting around this and tracking approved WorkCover visits?


Hi Healthfocus,

Are you working in NZ by any chance?
I currently work in a private clinic and deal with ACC for majority of our patients. It sounds like you have a similar problem with reporting and linking as we have found when changing to cliniko.

Currently we have had to create multiple note templates such as:
ACC treatment form 1, ACC treatment form 2, ACC treatment form 3.

This way the claim associated with that template gets linked with the particular invoice schedule. When copying notes over Treatment form 1 will only copy treatment form 1.

We have found that it will cause a very long list of Treatment notes down the side of the scrolling page to refer to previous notes as well as previous claims as they are not directly aligned under the respective template.

My colleagues and I have already made a similar request and are awaiting responses ourselves to any other helpful suggestions to this process.

Hopefully our suggestion helps you in your templates and note recording.



Hi Krystal,

Thank you for your response. We are in Australia.

This feedback is helpful.

We too are hoping Cliniko can resolve this moving forward.

Thanks again.

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