Patient discharged


Hi, I think it would be really useful to have some way of discharging patients so then a report could be run which would enable you to check current status of ‘live’ patients that none are left ‘hanging’ in limbo so to speak because they had not called to make another appointment, or we are still waiting for up dates or extra sessions ect
Hope this makes sense…Carrie


There’s actually a way to do this currently :smiley:! If you archive a patient who has been discharged we will remove them from the “Patients without upcoming appointments” Report and a few other Reports! I mention the “Patients without upcoming appointments” Report specifically though as it will only show “live” patients (patients who haven’t been marked as archived) who also haven’t made an appointment within a certain time frame that you set!

We also have export for your patients via Settings → Data Export which will also show who has been marked as archived and who is still “live”. You can also see when their next appointment is scheduled.

Hope this helps :raised_hands:



Great thank you, but if patients are archived does this then alter and results on other reports ?


Archiving a patient will not remove them from financial reports but will remove them from some reports that no longer apply to archived/discharged patients – for example the Recalls or Patients Without Upcoming Appointments Report. .