Patient cases now support invoiceable amounts

Originally, patient cases were set up with the idea that there would be a specific number of appointments that could be “assigned” to the case—for example, a maximum of five appointments in total. Beyond that number, it wouldn’t be possible to add any more appointments to a case.

We’ve added a new option that looks at a total invoiceable amount, rather than a total number of appointments. When you’re creating a new case, you’ll have the option to select a case “type”—either maximum invoiceable amount (meaning the case can include as many appointments as it takes to reach that amount, though you can surpass this amount), or maximum number of appointments (meaning that the case can only include a certain number of appointments, regardless of how much is being invoiced).

Check out how it works below!

Create a patient case with an invoiceable amount

First things first, you’ll want to create or edit a case. When you’re in the case settings, you’ll see that you can select a “type”. You’ll want to select the “Maximum invoiceable amount” type. Underneath that, you’ll want to write in the maximum amount that can be invoiced to the case:

After that, it’s business as usual—but when you look at your list of cases for a given patient, you’ll see that a certain dollar amount has been reached, versus a certain number of appointments:

How will it look on the appointment screen?

When you add an appointment to a case with an invoiceable amount, the associated invoice will also let you know that it’s linked to the case. Here’s what you’ll see on the actual calendar (when adding or editing the appointment—note that it will indicate how much of the invoiceable amount is remaining):

Overall, “invoiceable” cases function pretty much the same as “appointment” cases, with the primary difference being that there’s an allotted number of funds that can be applied towards the case, versus an allotted number of appointments! This should be handy if you need to manage cases based on the associated financials, as opposed to how many times the patient is coming in for treatment. We have a full walkthrough of how to set up cases with invoiceable amounts here.

As always, if you have any questions, our support team is here to help!


I’ve been looking for this exact change! Thank you, Cliniko!