Patient cases now display referral details

When cases were initially released, you couldn’t see referral details when viewing the case (you had to edit it to see more). We’ve fixed this up so that you can now see referral details at a glance! :raised_hands:

As usual, if you have any questions, let us know! :hugs:

looking good - any chance the treatment notes for each case can be easily accessed from within cases ? that would be awesome
Thanks Zoe

Hi @ZBP, thank you for the suggestion—I can pass that on! At the moment, may I suggest a possible way to quickly access notes from a case? If you select the appointment you want to view the notes for, that will bring you right to the appointment screen—and from there, “Treatment notes” will open up the set of notes that’s been written for that appointment:

Hopefully that might help at the moment!


This is a great change but is there any chance the referring doctors provider number can have its own line in the case details? this is a critical piece of info for billing under things like medicare EPC/CDM so while having the Dr name in the case is useful, the provider number would actually be more important and is the only missing info from that screen the enable billing (manually). As it stands theres still a need to find/copy the details from the referral somewhere which reduces the benefit of this function a lot

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