Parents/Caregivers - seemless correspondence, invoicing and contact-linking

We run a child-focused clinic where caregivers are usually the recipients of correspondence and invoices. Our team recently switched to Cliniko from PowerDiary. PD has a really seemless process of linking parents contacts with our child clients (eg. sets the parent up as the child’s caregiver, logs medicare info for easy rebates, sends invoices to parents, offers automated reminder messages to parent email/phone, etc.

The cliniko system for connecting parents to child-clients is clunky. It isnt easy to set them up as a separate contact, who can receive correspondence and invoices on their child’s behalf.

It would be great if there could be some thought into making this experience easier for our admin staff to navigate.



Agree - we have many clients that are under 16 and all correspondence is directed to parent contact who is often not a client of the service.