Parent information features for paediatric patients

I would like to have some fields added to client details for paediatric clients:

  • Attach a parent’s name (and relationship to the client) to the contact information. The phone number and email address are generally the parent’s contact details, so admin/reception etc need to know who is likely to pick up the phone/reply to the email. This is especially important for children living in more complex care situations: having reception call the phone number “errr excuse me is this X’s parent?” is awkward, but it’s even more awkward when it’s the wrong parent who no longer has contact/care of the child. It’s hard to predict the parent’s name from a string of numbers in a phone number, and not always obvious from an email address either. Having a parent/carer name attached to the contact information would alleviate this.
  • This will be especially useful as Cliniko grows and adds new features and integrations. If we can push patient contact information to Google Contacts/Outlook etc, it needs to be attached to the parent’s name, otherwise we end up with a contact list of names of children and also run into problems when multiple siblings have the same contact information (same parent), which then creates clashes within the contact lists.
  • We can currently record a little of this under ‘extra information’, but that’s really a short-term fix as we need the separate fields to be able to set up other integrations.
  • To process Medicare claims for paediatric patients, we also need to collect parent information (name, parent’s DOB, parent’s Medicare number). If Cliniko is working towards this capacity (or partnering with other providers to enable this (e.g. Medipass), these fields will need to be built in at some point.
  • Paediatric clinicians need parent information available when we make child concern reports (some states need the parent’s DOB), so we need the capacity to store and access this information to meet our legal requirements.

Agreed with all of the above. We run a paediatric allied health clinic. It would be awesome if there was the option to include a Next of Kin/parent name in the Contact information section. Also its quite annoying to have to scroll down the page to see date of birth in the cleint detials section. We are needing to check this frequently in a Paeds setting.