$ Owing on patient line

I would find it very helpful when finding patients (all patients with Campbell in the surname for example) to have them come up with:
Name Phone DOB Next App’t $ Owing or something similar
This would save going into their file to see if they owe any money or into the Outstanding Invoices to see if they owe any money. This would speed up the process greatly. Many thanks.


I also find that the outstanding amount does not automatically update after the payment has been put through an invoice (when opened in a new tab). This means we have to go in their file to refresh so that the owing is updated.
Where we are located in Canada, we often have to put a first payment through from insurance which sometimes covers their full treatment, or just a portion. Then We have to go in again to pay the remaining balance for the last $20 for instance. It would be helpful if we didn’t have to refresh the patient file once the payment was processed. If it was on the appt pop up with the remaining balance owing that might save us time, except we have to go back into the file for their credit card on file.

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