Outstanding Invoices report filter by type


It would be great if there was a way to be able to search outstanding invoices by specific appointment types.

Eg DVA payments need to be processed manually through a seperate web portal. It is more efficient to do this say 1.month.

as it stands i need to keep track of what DVA clients i see then look through each of them for outstanding invoices.

would be great to be able to search outstanding invoices by appt type as I imagine that would be the quickest/easiest way to view all DVA (or NDIS, etc) invoices that need to be processed and not have to check clients who haven’t come in that time or miss new patients who may not be added to the list I have to keep

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Hi @Greg! Right now, there’s not a great way of sorting this, unfortunately, without some fancy spreadsheet work. :disappointed:

How are your appointments structured? If you rely on the name of the appointment type to know what is DVA, etc., I could suggest using the “Appointments” data export and taking note of the appointment type and invoice number (columns I and U in the screenshot below):

And then cross-referencing that with the “Invoices” data export, which would give the invoice number as well as the status (open or closed).

The above method is rather manual, but perhaps a bit less manual than the way you’re doing it now! Do you think that might work at all?


Hi, We agree that it would be fantastic to be able to create a report through the outstanding invoices section, and filter according to appointment types (i.e. Workcover, DVA, TAC, NDIS, etc.).

We have tried to do it through the data exports section as recommended by Emily above, but find that the report is not user friendly, nor is it very intuitive to read.

Could this feature please be implemented?