Orderable "Patients waiting" list on Dashboard


To assist in the office workflow and patient management, it would be great if when staff ‘check in’ patients (i.e. select ‘has arrived’), their name/s could show up on a list in the Dashboard (or other specific page), and be re-orderable, so that when I have finished with a patient, I can look at my screen and see who is up next, head out to reception, and call them in.

The point of this being;

  1. I know who is next without having to either ask the staff, or them having to indicate for me in some way, particularly when there are a number of people out at reception.
  2. This saves me having the full appointment book on display in my Rx room (where I can otherwise see who is checked in, but still not who is up next).
  3. Follow-on from above, avoids privacy issues having other patient names on the screen in my Rx room.

I imagine this functionality would be particularly handy in multi-practitioner practices, so each would be able to walk out and know how to call in next.

If, however, someone has come up with a workaround for this, I’m all ears!