Order of services shown in online bookings


Can you make it possible for us to select the order that services show in online bookings? I get that it’s currently alphabetical by default, but that doesn’t make any sense from the perspective of a user experience. I know there’s workarounds such as adding numbers in front so that whatever is #1 gets listed at the top, but that’s clunky and doesn’t look neat. Easiest option would be to allow us to select the order that services appear.

Is this possible?

Many thanks!



Hey guys (@Cliniko), just bumping this one back up. Any chance this is in the pipeline?

Adding a 1/2/3 etc (or A/B/C) in front of the appointment type doesn’t make sense, as it will affect what gets listed on customer invoices. which may lead to issues down the track with health fund claiming etc. And it just looks weird and unprofessional.

Surely you can work out a way to allow us to select the order that the appointments get displayed on the online bookings page?



It’s on the to-do list Ian, but not yet something we’re working towards. Sorry!

The appointment type isn’t displayed anywhere on the invoice. So while I agree that it’s a pretty brutish solution, the numbers or letters in front shouldn’t cause any more trouble than an eye-sore!