Option to record pt cancellation as a 'late cancellation'

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I would find it very useful to have a late cancellation option when cancelling a patient’s appt.

Currently when looking at reports DNAs (less than 1% - hooray!) and cancellations show, and an additional category would help, and also when looking on pt’s appt listings it would be good to flag any repeat late cancellations.

Ultimately also seeing a cancellation (late or not) that hasn’t been rescheduled would be fantastic and easier to remember to follow-up with anyone, check all is well and assist them with another booking if required.


Thank you v much!


this would be very useful in our clinic to flag late cancellations to our team


this flag would be useful for us to as we’re trying to enforce this policy

We currently display this on the Missed Appointments Report:

While there isn’t a way to sort the Missed Appointments list by “notice” time, would this still help flag those patients who cancelled late?

Thanks Rachel. This is good thank you. Having said this, we like to limit our receptionist’s need for/access to the reports etc. for modesty and also workload. It would be helpful to flag rude repeat offenders as well. Even better, block them from booking online with some sort of ‘you are unable to book online, please call’ so that we can deal with them :wink:

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I agree with all of the above, this would be very helpful information.

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