Option to link a location (not clinic) to an appointment

It would be so helpful to be able to specify the location of the appointment (for appointments that are not clinic based) each time.

I am a mobile therapist and may see a client at their home, school, preschool/long day care or a community playground etc. It would be fantastic if the location could be changed for each individual appointment and reflected in the reminder SMS/emails.

Hi, I had this same problem - however I’ve worked it out now! I have appointment types which are usual areas of the community I visit such as “school visit”, “home visit”, “day program visit” etc and the client chooses their appt from the list and asks for an address in the notes section (but would totally love a location link to google maps for this) and then in my appointment reminders, they are specific to the appt they choose. The reminder with let them know details of the appt and “location” which is: school/day program/home etc… it’s working so far :slight_smile: