Option to copy treatment note when previous treatment was carried out by another practitioner

It would be good if we could have the option of copying a previous treatment note, even if that treatment was carried out by another practitioner.

Hi @dawn101, thanks for mentioning this. At the moment, this most likely won’t be something we introduce; while you can copy a previous note if you wrote it, it won’t be possible if another practitioner has authored the note. There is an account-wide setting in Cliniko which an admin can enable that completely restricts notes from being seen by practitioners who did not write them, and ultimately, only the person who wrote the note can copy the previous one (even if this restriction is turned off).

I know that some clinics do share notes among practitioners, and for them, it’s handy to be able to see what was written up on the last note. The best way to view this/add it into a note you’re writing would be to reference that older note while writing the new one—older notes will show up to the right of the in-progress note, regardless of who has authored them:

You can filer those notes, as well, to see the one that’s applicable.

I know it’s not quite the same as directly copying via that “Copy previous note” button, but I hope it might be of use!


Yes - we really need this to be in place asap please especially now that we are reopening after lockdown