Option to choose what information appears in patient preview


Hi Cliniko,

I was thinking this morning that it’d be great to have the option to pick and choose what patient information appears when we click on their name in Appointments. The reason for this is that when creating invoices I often need to know if a patient is covered by a care plan or their health fund, meaning each time I must click into their file and scroll to find the information I need, which is quite time-consuming.

Just an idea!

Eloise (reception)


Yes great idea, it would be helpful.


Hi Elouise, If I understand your question…this is already possible…You enter the information in the patient details:: it then gets picked up whenever you create an invoice thereafter:

Billing information
Invoice to

Invoice extra info


Hi Elaine,

That is definitely what I was looking for, thank you! Shame we didn’t realise this earlier, it will be a long process of having to swap that info from Notes for each patient :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks again,