Option to anonymise booking notifications

If you have practitioner booking notifications turned on (such as calendar booking notifications, online booking notifications, or cancellation notifications), you’ll now have the ability to completely anonymise patient names and other identifying details from showing up in those messages.

This is an optional setting, but we’ve made it available in the event your clinic may need to be compliant with how a patient’s identifying personal and health information is shared.

This can be turned on in Settings → Patient privacy:

When enabled, you will only see the patient ID number in the message. Below is an example of a cancellation notification:

There are several ways to figure out who that patient is if you look within Cliniko—if it’s a cancellation, you can check the missed appointments report. If it’s a notification about a new booking, you can check the calendar, or the appointments schedule report. (If you really like spreadsheets, you can also look up the patient ID number in data exports, such as the “Patients” export!)

If you have any questions on this, feel free to reach out to our friendly support team for help! :hugs:

Is there a way that this booking cancellation can use the client reference number that we can specify in the patient record? It would make sense to use this. Or if Cliniko gives the patient their own ID, that this is shown in the patient record so it’s searchable.
Can power receptionists see these reports?