Online Registration Forms


I would love to have the ability for Cliniko to send an online Registration Form to the client.

As soon as a new client books their first appointment, they are emailed a link to their secure Registration Form that they complete online.

Once submitted, it’s would be automatically uploaded into their client file, for all to see pre appointment.

This would reduce the use of paper and excess filing, it means no waiting for the client when they arrive and gives the Physio time to research if needed!

Cliniko’s competition is already doing this!

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Hey guys,

In case you’d like this now, a company called CliniqApps offers this feature for Cliniko. See here for more:

I think @Hootan (from CliniqApps) is pretty active on here and can explain more if you need.




Really for what we need to have to pay for yet another subscription is just too much, especially Whalen we’re only a small business with limited nu,bets of clients able to be seen. Check out soap vault, they do this piece really well and are only charging a small sub too. Unfortunately they don’t yet integrate with Xero which is the main reason we have changed.



Thanks Brendan,
I’m with Sambur on this one though.
We pay enough already for Cliniko.
I have no intention of having an additional subscription for functionality that should be included.

Give it a year and their will be a solution that ticks all of these boxes and that is my worry for Cliniko.

Cliniko is great, but they do need to up the pace with new functionality/features however.



I agree, the ability to send intake forms or any other form really needs to be added. I saw on here a reply from Cliniko saying it would be a big job. I have just noticed the fairly pointless changes to gender identity and think that they could be focusing on more important matters.



The suggestion makes very good sense.

If Cliniko supports this move, then it is important that Cliniko allows for customisation of field names or the addition of fields that are particular to a practice.

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Hi @NZFCS, you can have this in Cliniq Apps. You can fully customise your questions and graphics. The in-practice and online form is totally free and FOREVER free. Please let us know if you need help setting it up.