Online payments question

Hello everyone,
I have encountered one problem with my appointments when they have been paid for online and cancelled afterwards.
When a patients books and pay online, the payment is associated to that appointment, then a few days later the patient may need to cancel and rebook the appto to a later date, then the payment is gone, even though the patient cancelled within the 24 hours required.
Next time they come in, they theoretically will have credit on their account, but the system will not show us this.
I assume we have to manually add that payment to the patients account, but I still haven’t figured out an easy way to do that, anyone has any ideas or suggestions please?

Many thanks.

See my requests here … still no answer though!

You can edit the invoice to leave it open by adding a miscellaneous product for 0.01p and then remember to remove it when they actually come in for their appointment to close the invoice.

We also have the problem that when we do the practitioner invoicing based on closed invoices it means they could get paid before the patient has been seen. Therefore we have to edit the closed date on the invoice to the correct week of the appointment … more admin though! This may be your solution.

This is all doable if you are allowed to edit the invoice, if you are a practitioner you cannot, so you have to raise a separate invoice for that appointment … again more admin and not straight forward causing more errors!