Online payments - option leave as credit on account or an open invoice

We are happy that online payments are here but they causing us a couple of problems.

Pre having the option for online payments, we took a deposit in advance of the appointment so we added this as a credit on the patient’s account. The practitioner then created an invoice with all the correct billable items and products on it and the credit could be used alongside the final payment on the invoice and the invoice could be closed.

Now online payments are here, the deposit is being taken when they book BUT this closes the invoice that is linked to that appointment. Since Cliniko does not allow a practitioner to EDIT an invoice they cannot create an invoice through the appointment box in the diary to add the relevant billable and product items after treatment.

This now causes ERRORS as the practitioners now have to create an invoice from the patient profile which means they have to remember to allocate themselves as the practitioner and also allocate the invoice to the appointment and add all the billable items. This is so long winded and prone to errors and mistakes.

We cannot take full payment for an appointment at the time of booking because we do not know which treatment the patient is going to have on the day.

Please can we either have:

  1. Practitioners able to edit invoices
  2. The option to have online pre-paid appointments added as a credit rather than completing an invoice
  3. Be able to leave the invoice OPEN until the end of the appointment so the practitioner can add the correct billable and product items to the invoice and take the relevant balance.

Thank you

Any chance of someone looking at this as there are now more people asking about it on this Forum.

Any chance this can be resolved as it is still causing issues with our invoicing and resulting in extra work (and errors) for our Practitioners which my receptionists cannot deal with either.