Online Payment Discount Codes Enabled

I would like to start offering discount codes and offers for clients and treatments / multiple bookings.
Allowing Stripe and online payments integration to Cliniko is, and has been fantastic - however I seem to be having to process even more admin side for special offers / loosing peoples interest when they cannot book and pay online with a promotion due to not being a facility Cliniko process yet.

Can this be something considered to further enhance the online bookings and payments integration with stripe and cliniko please :slight_smile:


Agree, need more online options for discount codes.

This is such an important feature in COVID times.
I want to have someone see one of our flyers with a QR code, have it take them to the website where they can then enter discount code into the embedded cliniko booking and they can pay for it then and there.
Far more likely that they are going to follow through with a booking.

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Agree need discount codes for online.

I agree, especially trying to start a new business trying to draw in clients a discount code or even a “sale” function would be great.