Online bookings privacy policy


We’ve just released a small change to Online Bookings you might like to know about.

Recently we updated it to have patients agree to our Privacy Policy when booking in. I’m just going to be upfront, that was a mistake. You are the ones storing/controlling their information, not us.

Really it’s your privacy policy they should agree to. Also it’s quite a convenient place to get your policy in front of them

So, that’s changed. Now in your online bookings settings, you can put a URL (web address) pointing to your Privacy Policy. If you do that, your patient will need to agree to it when making a booking.

Even better, we’ll update that “consented to privacy policy” flag in their record too. So that it’s recorded without you needing to do a thing!

They say “Third time is a charm”, but we nailed this on only our second attempt! That’s still in front right?