Online bookings for initial consultations

Looking for a much better way to screen new patients for online bookings. We have more new patients booking as a standard consultation (15 minutes) recently, but are new to the clinic.
Would like Cliniko to have online bookings have to match data, such as DOB, phone number, name before allowing the booking.
Maybe if not matched, screen option is displayed to indicate patient to call the clinic to arrange an initial consultation.
Anyone else having a similar issue, or have some solutions??

I have made the order of the appointments online so that a new patient appointment is at the top of the list which has made it less common for new patients to book a follow up. On one appointment type I put in brackets (existing patients only) to make it clear.

My email confirmation is also different for new appointment type vs follow ups and there is a sentence that says if you are a new patient then please rebook a first appointment type instead.

I have also used the online link builder and embedder code to put the new patient link directly on the website on some pages that new patients would go to as a direct link rather than a link to the main online selection box.

Great ideas. Thankyou :grin: