Online Bookings - Email to Administrative Staff

Please can we have the ability to set up an additional email address for reception/admin staff to get notified of online bookings. In my current set up, we have to manually confirm appointments with clients after we’ve checked in another other system that the spot is available. Its a pain but it has to be that way for now. However, since only practitioners get emails to advise of an online booking sometimes I miss bookings for my other therapist. The current workaround is that I have their details set up with the business mobile number so that I at least can see it in the SMS however I check emails far more frequently than I do the phone. I’d also like to move to hiring a virtual admin staff member to handle this process and they would need to get these via email in order to action them quickly. It does make sense to have a practice admin be able to see these as they come in in case they need to action things in other ways.

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