Online bookings - email for confirmation

Currently, the online booking form requires customers to enter an email address so that their appointment “can be confirmed”.

While true for new customers, this misleads existing folk into thinking they will receive confirmation to whatever email address they enter when, instead, the confirmation email defaults to the address in their client profile.

Is there any way to alert existing clients? Or, maybe the new email overwrites the original in the client profile?


Yes, this is such a problem for us too. Seems crazy that the email address that a patient types in is completely ignored. It should just add it as a 2nd email address like it does with the phone number.

Yes, this is a problem for me to since patients change the email address.

It has come to my attention since adding a note on my SMS text reminding patients to complete a form on their email confirmation but they haven’t received the email because that email address has changed so they text back. I then change the email address delete the appointment reinstate the appointment so then they get another reminder!!