Online Booking Wait List

When someone is searching for an appointment online, can you add an “Add to waitlist” feature that captures their details as I have heard from a lot of patients they don’t see anything available online then don’t bother calling up ( I have the phone number on the bookings page) - so a self serve add to waitlist of people we could call in case of a late cancellation, but at least then we don’t lose them


I would LOVE this feature. Currently I am generally fully booked so keep my online booking closed except for set times to rebook. But, there is currently no way to add new patient information on my system to be put on a waitlist. I don’t want to manually enter all their data into a profile when they can do it themselves. Because of COVID, I won’t be doing online booking for awhile so I have no way to get new patient data. Please create this function asap!