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Hi all @rachel @jim @joel

We have been experiencing a little headache recently when cashing up… Let me explain:

When someone pays online for an appointment, obviously the payment gets processed on the date of transaction rather than the date of appointment and gets recorded as a “card” transaction. But when we run an end of day report through our card terminal, it obviously doesn’t sync with stripe (online payments) so every day the cashing up process is wrong. This means that we manually have to go in to the system and find the discrepancy.

Can the Stripe payments from online bookings automatically be registered as “online” or “Stripe” as the transaction method. This would resolve the headache it causes my front of house team, and consequently me, no end.

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Hi @Ben_Boulter,

You can set up a payment type in Cliniko called “Stripe”. Then in your Stripe integration settings, you can choose that payment type. Cliniko will then record all your stripe payments as “Stripe” or whatever you want to call it.

You can see what the Stripe integration settings look like here, and the “Payment type” is what I am referring to.

If I’m understanding correctly, this should do what you want.


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