Online booking Portal System

We would like to request that clients can make more than one appointment at a time when logged in on online booking, quite often my clients want to make weekly appointments but have to re put in all their details and pay for each one separately which is time consuming as well - they also would like to be able to see what appointments they have booked - like a list rather than having separate emails for each one. Rearranging would be easier for them then! Perhaps a login system would be useful? So everyone has their own account.

That might stop the duplicate accounts also.

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I would love this feature, especially the ability to log in and rearrange an appointment rather than having to cancel. I think my clients are forgiving enough about having to book appointments one at a time - though the ability to book multiples would be more than welcome - but rescheduling bookings would save me and clients so much time and energy on text message exhanges!