Online booking order

Please can I request a change with the online bookings. I would love to change the order of my online bookings rather than just have them listed alphabetically.

I often find i change the name of an appointment option just to have it listed in a certain order… ie i don’t want a follow up consultation appearing before an initial consultation.


Hi @Tracy33 whilst the ordering isn’t able to be changed from alphanumeric, you can have control over how appointments are displayed by using letters or numbers. Example below.

  1. Initial appointment
  2. Follow up appointment
  3. etc

The same would work using a, b, c etc too. If you have any further questions about this, write into us at

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Thanks for the reply. I think this might look weird if using the tags in the confirmation and reminder emails as the appointment type would have a number before it.

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I agree, it is so frustrating having to come up with ways in which to word the appointment types so they show in the order that we want them to appear and that don’t look strange on appointment confirmations and account statements!
We have now made a new ‘section’ title for New Patients that is different from our main returning patients so it looks a little clearer on Online Bookings.

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We’ve had to do the same as a workaround. It’s not ideal and it would so much better in many areas of Cliniko to be able to choose your preferred order of items, including payment types!