Online Booking notifications

I love the online booking functionality. I do not however have this live across all practitioners as it does not notify our reception team (or one centralised email of choice) of the bookings made and only go through to the individual practitioners. The receptionist need to do a quick review that the appointment made is suitable, correct etc. I know we can all go in and set up auto forwards on all the practitioners emails, although that is still not ideal as an ongoing solution and leaves room for error.
I would love to have especially before the Christmas break a way to have this set up.



I completely agree & would love this to be a feature. I know there is a workaround but it’s just annoying to have to set up extra stuff on everyone’s different email accounts.

The practitioner also really doesn’t need to know when the online bookings are being made but the receptionist does.

I’ve seen this requested multiple times !

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I have got around this by setting up a duplicate appointment type for the online bookings (example: Osteopathy Appointment - Online Booking) and making the appointment colour black so it is easier for the receptionists to see it is an online booking and needs reallocating with our regular appointment types.