Online Booking custom segment times

I would like a way to show a reduced availability spread over the course of the day for online bookings. The current options are really hurting my clinic.

Is there an app or extension I can buy/use to for example show me as 50% full or change the segment times to 9am 11:30 3pm and 5:30 for example? Then I can have 1 space for each segment.

Or is this a feature that will be considered?


Is it the problem of too many availabilities showing? And don’t want the diary to look wide open to people?
If that is the case you could put some recurring unavailability sessions in your diary. If you use the option of leaving a small space alongside appointments, your staff can still manually book over the top of these.

That is the problem; but quite often by the end of the day it is fully booked. We also use a virtual receptionist and I don’t want to be monitoring my appointment book all day moving and deleting unavailable blocks when I get a booking.
Having unavailable blocks on my calendar isn’t a suitable option.


Yes we need this! Being able to customise the times patients can book in online plus save alloted times for certain appointment types eg New Patients is crucial for our business. Also a “block booking” feature for online bookings would be helpful too