Online Booking Confusion

Hi Cliniko Community,

I am not sure if anyone has experienced this before, but we have had a few clients who have arrived for an appointment that they thought they had booked online, but the booking has not appeared on the appointment schedule. I am assuming that they get to the summary page and do not then click the final ‘Book appointment’ button.

From what I have heard, this is because client’s phones are suggesting a calendar event (through Siri, or alike) at this stage in the booking process, and they then assume that the appointment is booked. Is there anyway that this calendar suggestion can be stopped, or is it just something that will always occur when people try to book online on their mobile devices? Perhaps there is a way to make the "Your booking is not confirmed…’ more obvious when viewing the booking screen on a mobile device?


Hi Emily! Sorry for the confusion. We’ve just rolled out a change to the online booking process that removes the final summary page. This should fix the issue for you. Here’s some more info about that change: More changes to the online booking process