Notifying the Administrator of cancelled appointment

When a patient cancels an appointment online it seems that the practitioner is messaged but the administrator isn’t - thus it is really hard to keep track of cancellations on a daily basis unless the communications tab is used. Can we please have a facility whereby both are informed?


Totally agree this would be so useful.

Hi all! :wave: I agree that this would be incredibly useful. It’s something that we’ve discussed, but I’m not sure of an ETA on when it would be a live feature.

For the time being, a workaround we’ve suggested is automatic forwarding. Any practitioner can set up “filters” in their inbox that look for certain key words or information from an email. In this case, if something came from "" and had the subject containing “New online booking”, a filter could be created that would immediately send that onwards to another email address.

The exact setup differs from email client to email client, but as an example, here are Google’s instructions:

I know this is a workaround, and not as easy as just having it in Cliniko. But hopefully it might be an option for the moment!