Notifications for Practitioners when Patients Added to Wait List


It would be great if the practitioners that are selected when a patient is added to the Wait List received a notification email, just like when a patient cancels an appt. Otherwise a practitioner doesn’t know that a patient has been added unless they happen to notice on the Appointments screen. At the moment our front desk manually sends an email, so the physios are informed that way, as they may choose to start early/work late etc to fit someone in. But it would be much easier if Cliniko did this as it’s one less front desk job and removes the possibility for human oversight! Is this possible?

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Even if there was a section added to Cliniko where all patients currently in the clinic are added too a “waiting room”, this would show patient arrival time, when the patient was taken into the consult with the practitioner etc. when they are billed off the patient disappears, this would help the practitioners know where they are up too without having to rely on a tiny icon in the appointment books.

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