Notification on Dashboard of Completed Form/s

Would love to see a notification on the Dashboard when an online-form has been completed by a patient. Saves having to trawl through to individual patients to check if they’ve been completed.

Perhaps an option, when creating a form for an individual, for a checkbox asking if I want to be notified when it’s been completed (on the DashBoard) - default to Yes.


Absolutely that would be very helpful…or even a tick next to their name in the diary.


Totally agree, I have developed a complex system within Cliniko with linked “appointments” linked with appointment confirmations and client forms. I now can get someone’s email address and sent them a “welcome note” (which is an appointment without a date) and once they reply with a completed form I can book them in. I do not use the online booking system. However now on a daily basis I have to check each client with a “welcome note” to see if the form has been returned. Would be great to get a notification.