Notification of failed email communication

Would be great to have some sort of communication from Cliniko when an email communication sent to the client fails to deliver. For instance due to an incorrect email address on file. I know we can check this in the Communications Log but realistically this is not practical to check this log daily/regularly to see if all emails have gone out ok or not. Ideally we should get a more obvious communication when this happens - similar really as you would when sending an email which does not deliver.


I agree- this would also be helpful for failed SMS reminders! A More obvious sign of failed delivery as they still come up with their green tick.


Same with failed SMS messages.


Yes, I agree that this is very much needed for emails and SMS reminders.


Agreed, this would be very helpful.

+1 for email and SMS - also option for clients to be able to provide Y/N to confirm SMS and email reminders.

Agreed; this would be great addition to improve patient communication reliability and avoid unnecessary overhead of having to double check every outgoing message.

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yes, this would be very useful!