Notification of completed forms

Would be good to have a notification to know when clients had filled out intake forms etc. This would save constantly checking the system


Great idea - we do check all initial appointments in diary management, however having a notification sent to your designated email address would be a great function to stay on top of diary management.

… and maybe an option to cc the practitioner on the intake form.

1 Like does this

Agreed, constantly trying to remember to check for the forms that have been retuned is a big issue for us.

That would be a very helpful prompt!

Totally Agree, and also the ability to add the form to an appointment after it has been created. We ask the clients to complete our assessment form before the booking is confirmed.

Yes. A notification back to the practitioner would make things WAY more efficient.

+1 - a must to know if a client has consented before the appointment

Yes please. And the ability to run a report on forms that haven’t been completed would help to screen for those still pending